Q: Will you personally photograph my wedding or somebody from your team ?

Yes, I always personally come to your wedding. I think it would be unethical to show you my pictures on my website and then send another photographer.


Q: Do you come alone or will there be a second shooter also ?

For weddings of 4 hours or more I always come with a second shooter. For weddings of 4 hours or less I feel that a second photographer is not necessary. But if you want a second photographer – no problem. We will then come as a team of 2 photographer.


Q:  How long after the wedding can I get my photos ?

3 – 5 days depending on how many hours I photographed at your wedding.


Q: What happens if I already have left Bali ? How do I receive my photographs ?

Not a problem at all. In fact many previous clients have received their photos after they have already left Bali. We then upload the photos to a private server location and give you a link to download from there. In fact that is actually the safest and most secure way to deliver photographs to you. Because it does not involve a CD or a Flash drive that could get lost or fail.


Q: How many weddings have you photographed in your career ?

About 40 – 50. The majority while I was a staff photographer of a big photo agency in Bali.


Q: Who owns the rights to my photographs ?

You 100% own the right of the photographs. In legal terms we surrender the rights to the photographs to you.


Q: Do your prices already include all applicable taxes and are there additional fees ?

Yes, everything included. I guarantee you there will be no additional fees or backdoor fees.


Q: Can I have all the photographs, including the unedited ones ?

Yes, absolutely. Not a problem.


Q: Will you publish my wedding photos on your website or on Facebook and other Social Media ?

I completely respect your privacy. I only publish photographs of your wedding if you give us your explicit permission to do so.


Q:  Do you also provide albums and printed photographs ?

Yes, I do. I always hold a meeting with my clients on one of the days before the wedding. During that meeting we will discuss many aspects that relate to photography. And during that meeting I will show you the available album options and prints we provide.


Q:  Can I let you know what photographs I want to have ?

Absolutely ! I love it when couples have ideas about photos they like. Please feel free to send me examples of pictures you love.


Q:  How would you describe your style of photography ?

Wedding Photo Journalism in film-look style.


Q: What happens if you are ill on the day of my wedding or if you for unforeseen reasons can not come to my wedding ?

Very valid question indeed. I am backed up by 4 other photographers, all of whom are distinguished members of the SOCIETY OF BALI WEDDING PROFESSIONALS.


Q: What happens if your camera fails during my wedding ?

I would consider it to be irresponsible to bring only one camera to your wedding. Therefore I always bring 3 professional cameras to every wedding. So if one fails you wouldn’t even notice. The same for all the other photographic equipment. I bring backup for everything. I understand the big responsibility I have when photographing a once-in-a-lifetime event like your wedding.


Q: How can we make a booking with you ?

Please let me know the date of your wedding. Where in Bali your wedding will be taking place. And for how many hours you would like to book my services. In case you are not sure yet about how many hours you want to book me for – no problem. Just book the minimum hours you feel you will need. And you extend then later one.


Q: How can we pay you ?

We have many options for you. Firstly you can pay in USD, Australian Dollars, Singapore Dollars, Euros and in Chinese RMB.

You can pay your deposit through PayPal or through AliPay (Zhifu Bao) if you are in China.

Or through bank transfers into bank accounts in Indonesia, Singapore, Australia and in the EU.

I am sorry to advise that I am unable to accept payments through credit card.


Q: Where can I see your latest weddings that you have photographed ?

INSTAGRAM !! I publish new pictures their daily – sometimes even twice a day.