Hi, my name is Adrian Agung.

Adrian-Agung-Bali-PhotographerI am a wedding & documentary photographer in Bali. And this is my story:

I did not choose photography. Photography choose me.

It happened when my mom gave me my first camera as a birthday gift. Ever since I simply took photographs of everyone and everything. Mostly for fun and because I got a kick from doing so.

One day a good friend of mine asked me to photograph her wedding. When I showed her the photographs for the first time she broke out in tears and said:

These photographs are so beautiful. I am re-living that day again through these pictures.

She hugged me and said: Thank you so much, Adrian!

That is also when I realized what good photos mean for my clients: Documenting life’s most precious moments. Those fleeting moments of joy, laughter, anxiety, love, etc… Or situations which are funny, emotionally, inspiring… anything worth remembering for a

Anything worth remembering for a life-time. After all, we only live once.

From that moment on I was hooked on photographing weddings. I knew I had found something I am good at and something I love to do. Also, I can work in one of the world’s most beautiful places: BALI

Can it get any better than this?

Please have a look around here and who knows maybe you like my way of photographing weddings. I would be honored to be also part of your wedding in Bali.